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About Ungana-Afrika

A ‘capacity crisis’ is a mild expression to describe the skill levels and understanding of information and communications technologies (ICTs) within non-profits and small-to-medium enterprises in Africa. It will take a decade before the young, technologically literate generation can address these challenges.

Ungana-Afrika is addressing this reality today by building innovative ICT programs and tools for the development community, and its service providers. Our mission is to empower development oganisations to better integrate ICTs as a strategic, mission focused, tool.

What is Ungana-Afrika? (and example projects)...


Related Projects:

We are Hosting a series of ICT incubation workshops in Southern Africa that outline sustainable project start-up.

We are Incubating and training new ICT programs in RSA, Mozambique, Zambia and 3 West African countries.

Ungana-Afrika is helping to incubate, implement, and evaluate the activities of development community technology programs. We are creating toolkits, resources, trainings and shared models that make quality support and capacity-building programs a reality.

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Related Projects:

We are Running a complete eRider ICT support program within the Community Radio Sector of South Africa.

We are Implementing other eRiding projects, including strategic technology planning efforts, in Southern Africa.

Ungana-Afrika is a regional hub for eRiding support providers. eRiding is a low-cost ICT support and capacity building model for development networks and organisations. This model has growing global representation in over 20 countries. 

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Related Projects:

We are Facilitating trainings in wireless networking, online security, and technology planning.

We are Researching and testing open source software tools that can benefit the development community.

Ungana-Afrika is also part of several independent support and consulting efforts in Africa. These projects usually incorporate at least one component of the eRiding model, or explore new ICT concepts that are relevant to the African development community.

For more details about each of these focus areas, please see the Services section.


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Ungana-Afrika is a non-profit organisation registered in South Africa: 034-328 NPO

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