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Ungana-Afrika is currently working on the following projects:

Mpumalanga Community Radio eRiding

Since March 2005, Ungana-Afrika has been providing technology capacity building and support services to five community radio stations in Mpumalanga province. The stations have one eRider circulating amongst them, consulting with each of the stations for a period of a week per cycle. This project is supported by the Open Society Foundation of South Africa (OSF).

Incubation Workshops

Ungana-Afrika, with the support of OSISA, is hosting a selection of free workshops that help leaders of non-profit organisational communities understand and implement new models of technology support and capacity-building. To date, Ungana-Afrika has hosted workshops in four SADC countries (South Africa, Zambia, Mozambique and Zimbabwe). NGOCC in Zambia are implementing technology support project utilizing the new models introduced to them by Ungana-Afrika. The two other organisations in Mozambique and Zimbabwe are at the start-up stage. The next workshop will take place in Swaziland on 20-21 June 2006.

Capacity Building for Mozambique HIV/AIDS Network

In Southern Mozambique, many CBOs and NGOs have established themselves within the HIV/AIDS sector, offering community-based services that compliment the medical focus of governmental hospitals and clinics. The Mozambique Foundation for Community Development (FDC) and Ungana-Afrika are jointly proposing the implementation of an ICT Capacity-Building and Support program for this HIV/AIDS network. We intend to mobilize local skills and resources by implementing the an eRider ICT support model.

Student Development Program

Ungana-Afrika is developing a replicable concept for ICT student development programs that involve ICT students to provide capacity building and technology support for civil society organisations, SMEs and smaller public sector offices. This project is supported by Hivos.

eRiders.net Redesign

Ungana-Afrika is assisting in the redesign of the global eRiders Internet portal, eRiders.net.


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